Tax Preparation

US Casino winnings Refunds-(Certifying Agent) 

Bookkeeping Year round

Tax Information, and preparation with YOU..the client

Ispecialize in taxation

Darlene has been in the taxation field most of her life and has knowledge to spare.

 Discussion and preparation of YOUR taxes while you are with me is my specialty.  If questions are asked, they are answered. Darlene upgrades her knowledge base every year and has an inquiring mind.  

Individual Plan

Available to my customers.

What tax should I be paying, what about RRSP , Home buyers... ask me. Lets discuss your unique situation.

Financial Modeling

When should I start my pensions?, Should I be withdrawing my RRSP?

Lets discuss this for you


Profitable Investments

I am not an investment counsellor, however I can advise you tax wise on 

any of your investments. What would happen if?  scenarios..

Business Strategies

Darlene does year round bookkeeping and payroll services.

Advice on what and how you are doing..come in and talk to me

Experienced Professional
Graduate of the Professional Career Development Institute-Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting Program

Accredited Member of the Industrial and Commercial and Institutional Accountants of Ontario

Certifying Agent for IRS-casino winnings



Repeat business is the soul of all businesses.  Let your clients do the advertising :)

Fast, professional

Very personable and knowledgable

Great Service.

John I.

I have never had anyone so patient to help me with my tax issues, Darlene eased my mind and got my issues resolved quickly. Thank you!!

Samantha l.

From start to finish, the assistance in starting our business was fantastic!

Questions answered quickly.

Helped us immensely 

Martin b

About Us

Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Darlene has always been a home girl.

Many years experience as well as upgrading yearly to keep on top of things is the essence of a great business. Friendly and always working for you the client.

A little bit History

Over and above the basics of mathematical skills, Darlene takes your perception of your business and tells you what is going on.

Taxation Courses, Accounting  Courses, US Tax Certifications for W7...constantly researching, If I don't know,  I have no problem saying "Let me find out"... I love learning new things.

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